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Frequently Asked Questions
How can we implement eTMS if we don't use tool management software today?    How do you price the eTMS product?
eTMS is designed for easy implementation. Whether your system is based on cards, tokens, or trust, eTMS can easily provide tool management functionality for your enterprise or facility. Simply load your tool inventory to the system, assign employee identifiers, and complete some basic configuration steps. You can quickly issue and return tools and manage your inventory. From there, you can use the full power of eTMS for calibration, inventory, procedures, etc.
We license consistent with how you do business and invite you to add as many users to our system as you wish. Pricing is based on the number of facilities using the system. Since we know you have no reasonable way to track licensed or concurrent users, WE DO NOT REQUIRE USER COUNT TRACKING! Instead, we look at the number of tool rooms where the system will be used and number of physical plants/locations.
What are the technical requirements Will eTMS run in a browser?

Our system runs on the Oracle database and application server. We are always current with the newest Oracle database products. We also support the database to within two versions of the current release. We can arrange hosting service for the system if you do not have the IT infrastructure to access it.

ABSOLUTELY! Because we use industry leading Oracle development and database tools, the same version of our software that delivers client-server functionality also delivers a true web-based version. That means you don't have multiple systems to maintain -- just one eTMS.
Will eTMS support bar code scanners? What will be required of my IT team?

Yes. We leverage industry leading wedge bar code interfaces. That means that we do not require use of a specific brand of scanner.  This is by far the most flexible approach to bar code use. Wireless scanners are also supported.  We require use of real time scanners to ensure accuracy in tool tracking and management. 

The requirements can be minimal. At the low end, eTMS needs a server to store the database and run the application. We can handle the other details of setting you up and getting you running for a firm, flat, fixed fee. If your IT team wants to be more involved, we are happy to collaborate to have them install, configure and populate the system.


- ISO/IEC/EN 17025

- Oracle




TMS version 4.2 is here!

There are several new features in  version 4.2 but the major enhancement is the addition of the Rental Module:

This feature allows you to manage bulk rental activities and billing data for all tool rentals.  Rental and shipments of tools to project locations throughout the enterprise are supported"

Since all information is maintained in eTMS along with the operational tool room functions like check-in check-out, tool status and locations are accessible regardless of what remote project tools may be located at.

Billing functions are designed to be modified to fit your business needs.

There are many other new features too numerous to mention.