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Technology Overview

TMS is designed as a Windows based Oracle client/server application using Oracle 10g Designer/Developer tools. The Oracle Application Server (10g IAS) allows the application to be deployed in a three-tier architecture using thin clients while a client server implementation.

TMS uses the forms 10g listener servlet.  The Forms Listener Servlet is a Java servlet introduced in Forms6i patch 4 that improves upon the functionality of the Forms Listener and HTTPS.

The Forms Listener Servlet requires the Oracle 10g Application Server. The Forms Listener Servlet manages:

  1. The creation of a Forms Server Runtime process for each client
  2. Network communications between the client and its associated Forms Server
  3. Run time process

In this scenario, the client sends HTTP requests and receives HTTP responses from the web server process.  Because the web server acts as the network endpoint for the client, the other server machines and ports are no longer exposed at the firewall.

The technology used to accomplish this is identical to what Oracle Corporation is using to deploy part of their Oracle Financials (version 11) over the web.

 Since TMS was originally developed to exploit some of the more sophisticated features of Oracle tools (i.e. OLE Objects, Microsoft help) functionality is slightly different in Web Deployment in that OLE objects and Microsoft help are not available and are replaced by URL references.  The standard Microsoft Help is replaced with HTML based help for Web deployed TMS.


- ISO/IEC/EN 17025

- Oracle




TMS version 4.2 is here!

There are several new features in  version 4.2 but the major enhancement is the addition of the Rental Module:

This feature allows you to manage bulk rental activities and billing data for all tool rentals.  Rental and shipments of tools to project locations throughout the enterprise are supported"

Since all information is maintained in eTMS along with the operational tool room functions like check-in check-out, tool status and locations are accessible regardless of what remote project tools may be located at.

Billing functions are designed to be modified to fit your business needs.

There are many other new features too numerous to mention.