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Tadcon Inc. is a provider of Enterprise Tool Management solutions (eTMS).  Our unique software provides functionality to drive return on investment throughout the enterprise. Developed with leading edge technologies, the solution is a sound choice for organizations seeking to manage their tool operations more effectively. (Download PDF brochure)

Tadcon's Oracle based architecture provides the foundation for our enterprise software. ETMS was developed from the ground up using Oracle Case Method supported by the Oracle Designer Suite computer aided software engineering tools. Implementation using Oracle's enterprise database ensures the product is scalable for even the largest organizations. (more)

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eTMS provides an ideal solution whether you have hundreds or millions of tools to track.


eTMS functionality covers tool room control, tool reservations and planning, calibration management for precision tools, tool procurement, specification management, and tool inventory management. 

eTMS is uses an, Oracle based  open architecture to facilitate integration with other enterprise software products. We also offer out-of-the-box integration with partners such as Indus.


- ISO/IEC/EN 17025

- Oracle




TMS version 5.0 is soon to be released.!

There are several new features in  version 4.2 but the major enhancement is the addition of the Rental Module:

This feature allows you to manage bulk rental activities and billing data for all tool rentals.  Rental and shipments of tools to project locations throughout the enterprise are supported"

Since all information is maintained in eTMS along with the operational tool room functions like check-in check-out, tool status and locations are accessible regardless of what remote project tools may be located at.

Billing functions are designed to be modified to fit your business needs.

There are many other new features too numerous to mention.

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